The Team

We are a team of seven procrastinating youths

We are…


Alex in Christmas Jumper and Top Hat - Legendary.Alex  “The Smiley”

Being president of Southampton University Dodgeball club  gives him great ball skills. A pro at couch surfing around friends houses and enjoys interrupting peoples intense conversations. His love for pub quizzes hones his general knowledge and his speciality subject of American Presidents.


Berry at the BeachBerry “The Bernstein”

This Somerset lad, known for his outlandish dress sense and even more outrageous stories, will never shy away from a free meal. He brings the brawn to the team and enjoys proudly wandering about the house in nothing but his tiger pants. Berry’s greatest challenge of the journey will be not getting arrested for public nudity.

Neil “The Destroyer”

If seen on the street, you would mistake him for some kind of hippy, but don’t be fooled – his dishevelled appearance belies the brain of an insane genius. Happiest when sawing a nail or hammering some wood Neil is sure make the trip more interesting with his uncanny knack for unintentional destruction.

Ian “The Bodger”

The mechanic of the group. Not satisfied with completely rebuilding a mini, he has now taken it upon himself to keep the vehicles trundling along through thick and thin all the way to Ulaanbaatar. He prefers being covered in grease after a hard days work more than anyone and is famed for his friend making abilities.


Rich “Pauly D”

Only known person alive who can comfortably sit horizontally on a sofa. Delivery men nationwide know him from countless on-line purchases and meal of choice is frozen food surprise. He enjoys eating  Fab ice lollies and is able to run on minimum sleep while maintaining maximum productivity.




Greg “The Efficient”

Having been brought up in Germany, Greg has a taste for efficiency. Despite being a late addition to the team, he has already excelled himself in his position as secretary by sorting a sweet deal on visas. As an avid windsurfer, he’s bound to ensure that this epic adventure is plain-sailing all the way.




Matt “So clever, So young

Matt ‘Matt Lokes’ joined the team late but has already begun hooking the team up with some T-Shirts and Hoodies so that we not only complete the rally, but we do it in style! Matt also brings intelligence and youth to the team, and is often described as ‘so clever, so young’. Fortunately for us, Matt can’t drink beer, so now we just need to find one more designated driver for the trip.



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