Day 11 Turkey – Istanbul

After waking up from a short nights sleep next to some road works, we decided to venture back into the outskirts of Istanbul in order to find some good camping spots for our trip across Turkey. Due to the shear amount of sweat each team member is producing, a shower is high up on the agenda. We pulled up in a suburb of Istanbul, looking at the city on Google does not do justice to how HUGE it really is, and started to venture out.

Our arch-nemesis the British weather, had finally caught us up after trying to escape it with some long driving days and as soon as we left the ambulances it started to pour down. It appears to be an unusual thing in Turkey as the shop keepers all came out to look. Our deepest apologies to Istanbul for bringing the English rain. However, the shopping centre we took refuge in turned out to fantastic, with everyone being very friendly with us. We managed to have brunch with water, bread and a vast selection of Turkish food for just 10 lera (£3) each. Thoroughly stuffed we went for a stroll about town and found a fitness park and up a hill another great view of Istanbul. The heat got the better of us and we retreated back to the shopping mall for air conditioning and internet.

We have now found some good camping spots for our trip across Turkey and if the people in the capital are this nice, we can’t wait to meet the local people further out. We don’t know the next time we will have good internet, so cannot say for sure when blog posts will be posted as we are now officially in ASIA!


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One Response to Day 11 Turkey – Istanbul

  1. Silvia says:

    Hi Greg, mum here, we have arrived safely at Silvias. 11 hours is a long time to sit on a plane though, Nick had really had enough by the end of it! Love reading the posts with your adventures and looking at the photos, what an amazing time you are all having.

    About to take Silvias dogs for a walk and Nick is looking forward to shopping in the mall with Alexandra. Our Alex is still sleeping off the jet lag, it is now 8 in the morning of our first day, I’ve been awake properly since about 2am, but am feeling fine.

    Well, love you lots and am thinking of you all, Fingers crossed for your gear box. Hopefully be able to speak on or around my birthday sometime, but don’t worry if its not possible. I am watching your progress all the time.

    Lots and lots of love, Mum xxxxxx