Day 24 – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan

After an incredible night spent camping next to the gas craters, we awoke at eight o’clock in the morning to already blazing heat and suddenly realised that we were in the middle of a desert! The mercury was rising rapidly and the sun shone strong, we all began to feel the heat very quickly. With only the 4×4 vehicle of Warren Point, we had to take the 7km trip back to where the ambulances were parked in three trips. This time it was much more fun going across the sand dunes and some even saw some massive lizards en-route.

Once we regrouped back at the ambulances, we repacked, sorted out the water and stale bread and began our trip to the Uzbekistan border. As we set off from the lay-by we’d parked in we had fun bump-starting Endeavour on a sand dune with only a foot of space.

We split with the other teams, intending to set a faster pace through to the border although faster turned out to be relative, with the road quality varying constantly along the 300km journey. Some regions we managed to get up to 50mph, but we averaged around 20-30mph on the poor condition roads. The view in the desert was of a barren sandy landscape, with no visible human presence, with the exception of the ‘road’.

We arrived at the Uzbek border crossing shortly before it closed for the evening and instantly made friends with the military guards on the Turkmenistan side. After a few forms and some conversations about the Olympics, football and Neil’s dreadlocks (a recurring theme it seems), we got through to no-mans land. The Uzbekistan border was even quicker, with the guards rushing us through our forms as they hurried to go home, a quick glance into the ambulances and we were told it was all good. THe guards didn’t understand road tax or insurance, we we went on our way without spending any extra dollar, a pretty big win for the unexpected $400 at the Turkmen entry border.

With light fading fast, we found a nice spot next to the main road, which by British standards is an empty country lane, cooked our usual and delicious pasta, sauce and tuna meal and got to bed nice and early.

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3 Responses to Day 24 – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan

  1. Gayle says:

    Glad to hear you guys have got so far already. We have just arrived in Khiva and enjoying a shower and beer! Good luck for the next section!

  2. Alistair Lynn says:

    Hope the Kazakhstan border is as simple to get through!

  3. steve says:

    What a week! Don’t know when you’ll be back on here but here’s a little something to help you on your way through the desert. You’ll have to work on the syllable to note ratios! Feel free to add more verses ad nauseam.


    (Together) We went on our way
    (Together) On a Saturday
    (Together) Mongolia is our aim
    (Together) We must be insane

    (Together) We will eat and sleep
    (Together) Beware of those mountain sheep
    (Together) We will drive so far
    (Together) Drink in the world’s best bar

    (Go East) To Ulaanbaatar
    (Go East) Seven lads, that’s who we are
    (Go East) In our ambulances
    (Go East) With no extravagances

    (Go East, this is what we’re gonna do, Go East)

    (Together) Blogging as we go along
    (Together) Singing this cheery song
    (Together) We will see the sites
    (Together) And hope we don’t get the sh*tes

    (Together) in Ad-ven-tu-re
    (Together) and En-dea-vo-ur
    (Together) we’ll have 10k on the clock
    (Together) plus a re-machined engine block

    (Go Help) is the charity
    (Go Help) bringing prosperity
    (Go Help) in Asia from coast to coast
    (Go Help) to those who need it most

    (Together) We Go East not West
    (Together) There’s no need for a vest
    (Together) With dodgy language skills
    (Together) We keep taking the pills

    (Together) Matt, Greg, Rich (known as Pauly D)
    (Together) Ian, Alex, Neil not forgetting Berry
    (Together) Young, free & living the dream
    (Together) We’re the SDOP team

    (Go East) To Ulaanbaatar
    (Go East) Seven lads, that’s who we are
    (Go East) In our ambulances
    (Go East) With no extravagances

    (Go East, this is what we’re gonna do, Go East)