Day 3 – 9/7/12 – Germany!

After a fantastic evening in Amsterdam, taking in ALL the sights, we woke up after a great sleep next to a river. Again leaving nice and early for a long drive across all of Germany to Prague, roughly 550 miles………or that was what was planned anyway.

Ian caught agast by the array of merchandise in the reflection

 Upon entering Germany, the home of our favourite shop, Aldi, we instantly searched for the nearest one. 30 minutes and 80 euros later we were eating an amazing lunch in the Aldi carpark. A ‘134 and pals’ dream come true.

 We then set off for the long drive to Prague, BUT, after a few minutes with Ian behind the wheel, Adventure started to experience mild shaking at high speeds, which progressively worsened, until the shaking made all the beer bottles in the crate rattle together – a clear sign that something was wrong. We decided to make an emergency pitstop to a local garage to have it checked out. Unfortunately the language barrier was very high and with only a single team member that hasn’t spoke German for 8 years, the conversations were dfficult. We ascertained that the previously broken wheel was completely ‘kaputt’ and now we are carrying it around for emergengy ‘bodge’ repairs.

We were advised to travel a short distance to Kassel in order to go to a bigger garage that could handle our ambulance. We arrived pretty late and were told to come back at 8am on the next morning to get it assessed and fixed, so we went to a local campsite to spend the night. Luckily the sun was out and a short frolic at a local freshwater lake helped lighten our spirits.

We ended the evening cooking a massive pasta, frankfurter and sauce meal with German beer to wash it down.

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One Response to Day 3 – 9/7/12 – Germany!

  1. Jenefer says:

    Loving your updates, & following you every inch of the way. Thanks, & expect to see you with a beer tummy when you return!! Much love, Jen