Exciting News

So the sdop team have had a pretty exciting few weeks, sorry for being too busy to write a blog entry but we promise we will try harder to keep this blog up to date with our various adventures!

Big news this week is that our friend Matt Lokes has joined the team, bringing with him (hopefully) some professionally printed hoodies and Tshirts so that we can make our journey in style. Matt is a fantastic addition to the team and we are very excited for what he will to add to our adventure. Get on over to the team page to learn about Matt.

Nextly, we have got a vehicle sign-age company involved, allowing our Ambulances to really look the part…more details on this coming soon!

Finally I can reveal some more pictures of our first ambulance have been taken. Our friend Dave @ukambulancesales will be delivering our next Ambulance on Thursday so excitement all round here!


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